Viện Hàn lâm Khoa học xã hội Việt Nam (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences - VASS)

Appointed as a government research organization under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), the Institute of Sociology (IOS) was founded in 1983 and has following major functions: To carry out sociological research to provide scientific foundations for the development of national socio-economic policies; to contribute knowledge for the development of sociology as a social science discipline; to provide postgraduate training in sociology and related fields; to provide consultancy services for social assessments, social development projects, development of social policies, and sociological surveys for other Vietnam's and international organizations.

As a leading organization of sociological research in Vietnam, IOS has organized and carried out various national and international research projects, workshops, seminars and conferences, and has provided consultancy services for many development projects. The IOS has published hundreds of research works, including reports, books, and journal articles. Currently IOS has 60 researchers, including 16 senior researchers, 6 professors and associate professors, 16 doctors and 22 masters working in seven research departments and two centers. The researchers of IOS were trained and graduated at prestigious universities in Vietnam, United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, France, Singapore, Thailand, and Sweden.

IOS has developed bilateral and multilateral ties with universities, research institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Conducting research on social changes and transformation are the main fortes of IOS. In this specialization, IOS has conducted numerous studies on the transformation of rural social structure, rural stratification, and changes of rural communities in the process of Renovations (Doi Moi), changes in social welfare and social protection, changes in urban housing and food consumption. Migration and development are important topics of a number of studies at IOS with more than 30 years of research experiences. The development-related issues, for instance, migration, social inequality, population and health, are being taught by our experts through postgraduate training and other intensive courses in VASS.

IOS has a lot of experience in joint research and training of academic staff and social science students throughout the country. The advantages of cooperation with a government research organization will create opportunities for joint training, development of research resources and facilitating existing human and other resources. Nationally, IOS is already a reference point for other institutes under VASS but also for other universities in Vietnam. It has the potential to become an international reference point as well. Being rooted in the national and local academic sectors, on the one hand, IOS will help build up local and national structures of research and teaching in Vietnam. On the other hand, the Institute will take part in developing teaching and training techniques on transdisciplinary comparative approaches by taking the lead of the practical cluster, alternating with CMU and SISS, and apply the gained knowledge in teaching in VASS and its training network.

With its experience in interdisciplinary research and teaching, IOS will be a key chain in the future network to be established in Vietnam in applying transdisciplinary methodologies on academic studies.


Vu Manh Loi

VU MAN LOI is a senior researcher in the field of sociology. He was trained and received a Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Washington, USA in 1998.

As a researcher he has participated in various research projects in collaboration with national and international organizations. Major research activities have been related to sociological theories, empirical studies, research methods in sociology, population and health, reproductive health, family and gender, community development, rural development, poverty reduction, ethnic minorities, and social changes and transformation.

He is one of the first researchers in VASS setting up and teaching training modules of interdisciplinary methods for social sciences.

He has expertise in teaching courses and lecturing in the field of family and gender, health and both quantitative and qualitative social science methodology on postgraduate training in VASS. Besides, he is tutor of nine Ph.D students (six of them received their Ph.D) and twenty master students (sixteen of them graduated) on adolescent reproductive health, livelihood of youth in sub-urban areas, gender and family.

He has extensive experience in international cooperation in doing research and teaching. Based on his academic networks and experience with relevant ministries in Vietnam, Loi will be a key member of the project.

Dang Nguyen Anh

DANG NGUYEN ANH completed his studies in Sociology at Brown University, USA in 1997.

He is a senior researcher in population, human migration, youth and adolescents. As a director of the Institute of Sociology, he is in charge of scientific steering and coordination of research in the field of basic and interdisciplinary studies, socio-economic analysis and forecasts for national development.

He is one of the first lecturers of interdisciplinary training in VASS. Moreover, he owns solid experience of working in international organizations. For instance, as a national coordinator for the Population and Health Project, the U.S. Social Science Research Council and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (2008-2011); as Director of the Social Development Program, Vietnam-Asia Pacific Center of Hanoi (2006-2011); as Project Manager for the UN Inter-Agency Regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women in Greater Mekong Sub-region (2002- 2005); and as Program Director, Population & Development, U.S. Population Council Office in Hanoi (1999-2001).

He is the author of a number of books on demographical sociology (2007), migration policy for development (2005), social protection for disadvantaged groups (2005) and social changes in Vietnam (2015).

Nguyen Duc Vinh

NGUYEN DUC VINH graduated with his Ph.D in demography at the Australian National University in 2006. He is a senior researcher, head of Department of Population and Human Ecology at the Institute of Sociology, and also deputy editor-in-chief of the professional journal Sociological Review. He is one of Vietnam's few experienced social demographers with advanced training in formal demographic methods and data modelling techniques. Moreover, he is trained in a range of direct and indirect estimation techniques and decomposition and projection methods.

His academic interests are related to population and development, demographic change, migration, population health, social inequality, human resource development etc. In particular, Nguyen Duc Vinh has recently conducted research on the use of demographic and modelling techniques and social structure strategies to analyse and project fertility in Vietnam.

Through academic research, consulting and teaching, Dr Nguyen Duc Vinh has had significant experience in dealing with interdisciplinary projects. He has expertise in teaching courses on interdisciplinary training for several research projects funded by SIDA, UNFPA. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses on sociology, population, data analysis and social science methodology. Dr Nguyen Duc Vinh has published a number of academic articles in social demography, population and development, health equality, migration, and human resource.

Hoang Vu Linh Chi

HOANG VU LINH CHI holds an MA in economic development and has research experience in labour migration and employment. She worked for Interreg IV in Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation as project assistant. Currently, she is a researcher at the Center for Social Research and Consultancy at the Institute of Sociology. Her main interests are social inequality and public policies.