KNOTS Summer School and Field Trips 2018

This year's KNOTS Summer School and Field Trips, hosted by Chiang Mai University under the Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, took place from the 17th until the 31st of July.

During the first week, the participants - students from European as well as Southeast Asian universities - had the opportunity to learn about transdisciplinary research methods. The lectures and discussions focused on three major topics: Migration, Environmental Change and Social Inequality. The following Field Trips to eight different sites in Northern Thailand further enabled the students to apply the previous acquired transdisciplinary research methods and to carry out research.  

The participating students were invited to write reports about the different days of the summer school as well as about the different field sites. In these reports, they reflected on their major learning outcomes, insights concerning transdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Research, and open question and challenges. All reports can be found below.