ERASMUS+ Cluster Meeting in Vietnam

The ERASMUS+ Cluster Meeting for Vietnamese partners was held in Ho Chi Minh City on June 25, 2017. Attended about 60 Vietnamese participants from different projects within the ERASMUS+ Program.The Cluster Meeting provided participants with a comprehensive overview of the ERASMUS+ Program in Vietnam, an exchange of project implementation experiences, and a networking among individuals and organizations participating in ERASMUS+ Projects.

After a brief opening session, the meeting was divided into four groups. At the group discussions, the participants introduced their project in turn, highlighting successes and experiences. Difficulties and shortcomings in project implementation were also mentioned. Group discussions show that some projects have been very successful. After the group discussion, the meeting moved to the general session. During the general meeting, the representatives of the groups briefed on the content discussed, raised their recommendations on the current difficulties in implementing the project.